Festivals and traditional events in the Cinque Terre – 2018

We recommend visiting in June when there are numerous events.
Towards the middle of the month in Monterosso al Mare, the traditional fried anchovy festival takes place. The town’s specialty is prepared in typical fish-shaped iron skillets and served with fried bread and an excellent white wine from the Cinque Terre.
On 23 and 24 June, Monterosso also honours its patron saint during the St. John the Baptist festival. There’s a traditional bonfire followed the next day by a fair, a procession winding through the village, and boats bearing small oil lamps lighting up the sea like a starry night. Also on 24 June, the nearby village of Riomaggiore celebrates its patron saint, St. John. A procession is held as well as a pavement art exhibition featuring elaborate sacred works drawn with chalk.
A few days later on 29 June, St. Peter and Paul, Corniglia’s patron saints, are the reason for a village-wide festival that includes the traditional Fieschi vegetable pie. Named for a 13th century noble family that governed the region, this local specialty is sliced up and given to all participants.