Cinque Terre nightlife is not the most exciting thing about the place, but you can enjoy very good nightlife here. Cinque Terre is a land of five villages. They are situated literally on cliffs and look amazing under the rays of the sun. Visiting these destinations can be quite a challenge for some people because it is not easy to climb to all of them. The houses “flying” in the air with their vivid colors will catch everyone’s eyes.

The five villages that form Cinque Terre are Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, and Corniglia. These places have a long history and very beautiful views. However, for those who want to live some life by the night, there’s a lot to do, too. Here are some good places to spend the night!

Cinque Terre beer, Bar La Conchiglia

Bar La Conchiglia” – this bar is situated in the village of Riomaggiore. It is highly rated as a very good tourist’s bar. The location – the harbor of Riomaggiore – is great because you can enjoy a drink while taking in the stunning view of the Liguria sunset. In addition to a lengthy menu of mostly wines, you can have light snacks or fresh fish.

Bar Centrale” – this is another place in Riomaggiore that is centrally located and popular among tourists. If you expect dancing or loud music, you won’t find it here. All you can do is sit and relax after a busy day spent climbing the cliffs or sunbathing. However, you can drink until the late hours if you want!

Il Casello” – this is a bar in the area of Monterosso. Beer lovers will enjoy it. It is situated with a view of Liguria; with the quiet night sea, the bar offers a great atmosphere for relaxation. Time passes by like a nocturnal piece of art.

Fast” – another Monterosso beer bar with a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. There isn’t much to do her at nighttime other than drink beer or wine.


The dry white wine, which is simply called 'Cinque Terre D.O.C

 “Cantina dello Zio Bramante” – this is a bar in Manarola. If you’re looking for music in Cinque Terre, you can find it here. It is quite entertaining, especially on the weekends, because there is live music. If you love to dance, you can do so with the locals.

Pie’ de Ma’” – this is a great wine bar close to the village of Riomaggiore. It is situated on the cliffs and has a nice terrace with a great view of the sea. The owner is a lover of wines, but not just any wines –classy ones. Therefore, you will have a great list of wines to choose from and enjoy.


Cinque Terre wines

Beach parties – this is the greatest option to choose in Cinque Terre, especially in the summer. Along Via Roma and the bars, you can head to the beach. There is always a party with locals and tourists enjoying themselves, dancing, and drinking.