15 interesting Cinque Terre facts

  1. Cinque Terre is a national park.
  2. Cinque Terre means “five lands.”
  3. There are no cars in Cinque Terre.
  4. Cinque Terre’s rich water enables many types of marine organisms to live in its depths.
  5. Many animals live there due to the mixture of its biome.
  6. Cinque Terre National Park has very strict regulations about constructions and renovations, so you can’t paint or renovate your house. If you do, you’ll go to jail.

  7. There is a train station in every town in Cinque Terre.
  8. The local wine grown in Cinque Terre is white and often sweet.
  9. Anchovies are a common menu item in Cinque Terre.
  10. Cinque Terre is cat heaven; every town center has many semi-stray cats lounging by the seafront and every seafood shop has a cat that hangs around outside.
  11. Not all five villages are right on the water. Four of the five Cinque Terre towns tumble down the cliffs right into the water, but Corniglia is nowhere near the water. This town sits high above the water on top of a cliff.
  12. Cinque Terre towns don’t have Italy’s best beaches. Only Monterosso al Mare has a beach that you might recognize as an Italian seaside beach. It’s the largest beach in the area, and often crowded with beach chairs and umbrellas.
  13. The people are welcoming and friendly. There is always a local ready to chat if you are asking for directions or stopping in for a quick limoncello.
  14. You can take the ferry from town to town.
  15. Are snorkling, diving, fishing, or kayaking your hobbies? Riomaggiore has you covered.